Prenatal Yoga

When can I start prenatal yoga? 
Women continue and start exercise classes in all stages of pregnancy; first, second and third trimesters. You and your care provider are the best judge of what's best for you.  For most healthy women, prenatal yoga and fitness can be started as early as you'd like and can continue right on through to your due date.  

How long can I practice yoga? 
You can practice yoga throughout your pregnancy as long as you're feeling comfortable doing it and your health care provider gives you clearance.  There have been women who have attended class 2 cm. dilated, and yoga is great to do during labor.

What if my due date is before the end of the session?
You can register for classes up to two weeks prior to your due date(the fee will be adjusted accordingly), after which you are welcome to continue attending on a drop-in basis until your actual delivery date.

How large are the classes?

Prenatal yoga classes usually have an attendance of between 9-12 women.

I've never done yoga before: is it ok to start now in pregnancy? 
It's a great time to begin yoga, for you as well as your baby. The moves are very gentle and easy to follow and the breathing will help you not only through pregnancy, but through labor and after. If something doesn't feel right, please don't do it. Let the instructor know, she may be able to suggest another way to do it that's better for you. 

What should I wear and bring? 
Wear loose comfortable layers of clothing that can be removed when you're feeling warm and added back on when cooling down. All equipment is provided so all you need to bring is a water bottle and some light snack(s) if you're feeling a little nauseous or if you get hungry easily. 

Can yoga help relieve my lower back pain and sciatica? 
Yoga is a wonderful remedy for lower back pain and sciatica. There are specific movements that will help and can be done at home. 

How will yoga help my pregnancy and delivery?
By strengthening the essential muscles needed for birth, reconnecting with your breath and focusing your mind, the practice of yoga can prepare you for the challenges your labor and birth may bring and open you up to your natural ability to give birth.

What do you do in the class? 
We begin each class with time to talk about any problems or concerns that anyone is experiencing that week. The connections you make with other pregnant moms are really helpful and the instructors specialize in women's health. We then move onto breathing exercises that will help begin to relax the body as well as the mind. Then onto simple seated warm ups starting at the head and working down to the toes; bringing the body into better posture. Next, we move into easy, comfortable whole body movements that help stretch and open the muscles and joints. This helps increase circulation, flexibility, strength and balance. These are done on hands and knees and then in standing position. We will also use resistance bands to build upper body strength (babies in car seats are heavy!!!) Sometimes we work alone and sometimes with a partner. We then release the muscles with some more simple stretches and then it's time to relax more deeply with a guided relaxation while lying on the mat and covered up with a blanket. 

Are there any restrictions to doing this class? 
Yes, if you are experiencing pre-eclampsia/toxemia, premature labor, placenta previa or abruption (separation), premature rupture of membranes, fever, a cervix that will not stay closed or chronic heart disease, you should consult your doctor before participating in any exercise program. 

What are some conditions that may benefit from yoga? 
Pregnancy related discomforts, lower back pain and sciatica, tight shoulders/neck, shallow breathing, ligament pain, diabetes, weakness, lack of stamina, insomnia, nervousness, sedentary life style, standing too long at work. 

When can I begin a postpartum yoga or fitness class? 
The general rule of thumb is four weeks post vaginal birth and six weeks post cesarean birth. Please consult your healthcare provider and give yourself the time you need to rebalance. 

What if I need to be out of town for one of the sessions? Can I make it up? 
You may make up  sessions in any other prenatal yoga  class as long as there is space available. Please check  for availability.