Pregnancy Massage

1. I am pregnant - can I have a massage?

In most cases the answer is yes, however, once you know you are preganant, before you visit us please speak with your doctor and discuss it with them. In many instances, your doctor will prescibe pregancy massages for you to help you with the pain and discomfort that often occurs when you are pregnancy.

2. How will a Pregnancy Massage help me?

Preganancy is an exciting but likely very demanding time for you. Did you know that there is a simple way to help to alleviate stress and labour pain, and improve your soon-to-be-born baby’s health while also reducing the risk of complications? The centuries-old practice of massage therapy can help to provide these benefits and many more to you and your unborn baby.

A Pregnancy massage can benefit you during your pregnancy, labour and birthing. Studies support what more and more women are discovering about massage therapy during pregnancy – it has been shown to:
improve maternal mood
decrease depression and anxiety
decrease pain
decrease stress hormones in pregnant women (including those suffering from depression)
decrease obstetrical complications, and
improve neonatal health and development.

3. Are ther any other benefits to a Pregnancy Massage?

Additional benefits can include improved mood to maternal and neonatal health. A Pregnancy Massage has the potential to positively impact the health of mothers and children.

There is also evidence that massage therapy through the labour and birthing process helps to:
decrease pain in all three stages of labour (latent, active, and transition),
reduce anxiety in the latent stage,
reduce stress during labour, and
increase the quality of your experience of childbirth.
These immediate effects of massage therapy may affect other longer-term effects such as decreased length of labour, shorter hospital stay, less touch sensitivity and fewer instances of postpartum depression.

4. What concerns should I have about a Pregnancy Massage?

You and your baby’s well-being comes first. Registered Massage Therapists are professionally trained to work with you to develop an effective and safe massage therapy treatment plan during your pregnancy that will complement the care you are receiving from your doctor and other healthcare providers.

Specially massages pillow with ergonomic cushions and supports are used to ensure your safety and comfort during your massage therapy treatment. The subtle needs of expectant mothers like yourself are also addressed including the potential need for frequent restroom breaks and the use of unscented massage oil so as to not aggravate a sensitive sense of smell. Good communication with your therapist will result in the most beneficial and rewarding pregnancy-massage therapy for you and your baby.

5. Is Pregnancy Massage beneficial for the baby?

Absolutely! Studies have shown, that when you receive a relaxing pregnancy massage, the body naturally secretes endorphins. These “feel good” hormones traverse the placenta and ultimately soothe and relax your baby.