Postnatal Mom and Baby

1. How soon after giving birth should I begin to practice yoga?

4 weeks(or even longer) is optimum to foster the mothe/baby relationship, get breastfeeding off to a good start, and to allow  moms body to recover from pregnancy and birth. Generally, it is recommended that a woman wait 4 weeks after giving birth before exercising, 6-8 weeks after a cesarean birth.

2. What is the range for babies in the Mom and Baby Yoga classes?

Newborn  to crawling, which is around seven to ten months for most babies.

3. Do I need yoga experience to attend classes?

Mom and Baby yoga classes are open to students of all levels of yoga experience. It is gentle and soothing, with a few challenging strengthening poses. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

4. What happens if a baby just wants to cry and cry and cry?

Crying is the primary way that babies communicate and we honor that in Mom & Baby Yoga. I understand how difficult and isolating it can be to have a baby that cries a lot as I parented one myself. It is especially important for parents of these spirited babies to feel supported and I encourage them to find it in Mom & Baby Yoga classes. If your baby is crying during class, you are encouraged to meet her needs- feeding, a fresh diaper, or simply holding your little one and letting him know that you are listening. Parents should not feel pressured to leave the class or even the circle when babies cry. This is a place where we honor the needs of parents and children and we work together to get through these challenging moments.

5. Will this yoga class help with post-partum depression?

Absolutely. There are many reasons why new mothers experience post-partum depression ranging from nutrition issues to a difficult (or unexpected) birth experience to simply finding the transition to prenthood (of course) difficult. Whatever the reasons may be, connecting with other parents in similar situations can ease the emotional hardship by knowing that you are not alone. We will have time to discuss some of the challenges of parenting a baby and share our stories in class. Parents will meet other parents and have the opportunity to build supportive connections. As a doula, La Leche League Leader, and birth/ postpartum educator, I have access to many resources for new parents and I am happy to help mothers feeling postpartum depression to find the resources that can help them. Lastly, many studies have shown that exercise is instrumental in working through issues of depression. What better a place to exercise than with other new mothers!

6. Can I come without my baby?

Sure! However, just keep in mind that most moms come with their babies.

7. What if my baby cries the whole time?

Babies cry. Moms are encouraged to do whatever they feel is appropriate to be with their babies during class. Fussing and crying is expected  in Mom and Baby yoga classes! By the end of class, most babies are either sleeping, day dreaming or actively alert and calm.

8. What should I wear? What should I bring?

You should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, such as sweat pants t-shirts, etc. It is helpful to dress in layers so that you can easily stay comfortable. It is also a good idea to bring a blanket to make your space comfortable and familiar for you and your baby. Mats and blankets are provided at the studio.

9. How large are the classes?

The Mom and Baby yoga classes usually have an attendance of between 8-10 moms with their babies.