My surgeon and I were on a winding road to nowhere…

At 33 years old I had been battling IBS for almost 12 years, and, for the last four years, Dysplastic (abnormal, possibly pre-CANCEROUS) cells on my tongue that could possibly lead to oral cancer. Not only was I fed up with IBS symptoms like bloating, pain, nausea and diarrhea, I now had this new problem in my mouth that would not go away and had had 4 surgeries over four years. It seemed, according to my surgeon, his partner, my dentist and a team of oral specialists, there was some sort of irritation or INFLAMMATION caused by some sort of trauma, that kept reoccurring shortly after each surgery leading to growths that had to be removed. No one had any answers as to why this was occurring. Some said “God made you that way” with a pat on my knee. Others told me I was “brave” and would have to have a “maintenance” surgery every year or so. This was not acceptable to me. We had tried various kinds of bite blocks (on the theory that I was biting my tongue in my sleep), various kinds of behaviour modifications (brushing teeth softly and carefully with an extra soft toothbrush, chewing food slowly) and of course no mouthwash and very little drinking of alcoholic beverages. My surgeon had no more answers for me at that point. We were to wait and see… The only thing we did not study was my diet, and more importantly, what was at the root of the inflammation…..TOXICITY.

One morning I woke up and knew that I had to take my health into my own hands. My friend told me about Elyse and her yoga courses, and that she is a certified Naturopath. I scoped out her Website. I enrolled in her yoga classes and began to relax and improve my circulation. I began to feel at ease… I decided to meet with Elyse for a naturopathy consultation. 

Elyse put me on an “anti-inflammatory” diet. This meant cutting out a lot of what I was used to eating, eating organic foods and cooking my own meals. I also started a process of Biotherapy which was aimed at enhancing my body’s ability to eliminate toxins from the the system and reducing Inflammation. I also starting using a castor oil pack to improve my lymphatic circulation, immune system, and digestion . Elyse was certain the new diet, or, rather, lifestyle, would help my IBS, but we were not completely certain on what course to take for my tongue, especially since it was such a mystery in the first place. Elyse said that the problem was due to inflammation in my body and once that was addressed, then all this “new stuff” would help. Well, I was not sure if all this elimination and reading ingredients and cooking was going to be worth it… Guess what, it was worth it. 

One week later my IBS symptoms had already greatly improved. I was like a new woman, a lot happier and feeling “lighter”. My family, friends and coworkers noticed that my stomach was no longer as “bloated” and my face seemed thinner… I was inspecting my tongue once a week and little by little I noticed the inflammation going down, and this only took about 1 month! During the second month of the diet and detox I noticed there was very little pain on my tongue anymore, and it was not as sensitive as it had previously been. Oh and yes, did I forget to mention? I lost 10 pounds. Then another three. 

Two and a half months after the initial detox and new diet I went to see my surgeon for a check up. He and his nurse could not believe the state of my tongue. No inflammation at all! They wrote down everything I was eating and not eating, everything I doing and not doing. He was so happy and amazed, he told me to continue with the diet and that maybe, even, perhaps, the situation would eventually reverse itself.

The abnormal cells on my tongue may always be there, but I have no new growths and no inflammation. The new diet is now my way of life. It just takes a little effort!

Thanks Elyse!

--Sara M. 


"While working with Elyse, I became more in tune  better able to listen to and respect what my body needed. I was able to let go of some of the anger at my body for not always performing as I think it should. I felt as though I could finally just let myself be content as I am, and thrive without pressuring myself with expectations that caused me to feel like a failure before I’d even tried. The end result of my treatment with Elyse was that I  experienced myself as a whoe person. I take better care of myself and believe that I deserve to be healthy and fulfilled."

-- Tracey B.


"I have been working with Elyse for over a year receiving a combination of nutritional, homeopathic and body therapies. Elyse is a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner who puts a lot of time and attention to get to know her clients and to personalize their treatments. She creates a safe, comfortable environment in which her clients can open up, and helps get to the root of problems.

Her bodywork is especially powerful. I have had several sessions which have all helped me release pain on both the physical and emotional level. Elyse is very intuitive at finding the right paths to help each client. You leave her office with an entirely different and improved state of mind and body than when you came in.

I highly recommend Elyse as an excellent naturopath, bodyworker, and person."

-- Glenda R.


"For several months I have worked with Elyse to address severs symptoms of peri- menopause and hormone imbalance. Elyse  can combine a wide range of therapies including supportive consultation,  homeopathy, and nutritional and supplement advice, I feel the whole of me is being considered and treated. I’ve gone from a train wreck to balance and have the ability to embrace and honor this important life transition."

-- Selena H.


"I have been having problems with my digestion, mood and energy levels for about two years and went to several traditional doctors for help. Elyse came recommended to me so I thought I would try naturopathy since all else had failed. Elyse spent a lot of time listening to me and all my crazy puzzle pieces so she could really get to know  who I was in order to treat me correctly. I have never felt so cared for and truly listened to. She made me feel like my symptoms weren’t crazy. While the other doctors were telling me I needed anti-depressants, Elyse was taking an active approach to my care, and in the end made me feel like my old self again. I can’t recommend her enough!"

-- Alvin J.


"For a long time I had lived with a constant level of agitation that would turn to anger at the slightest provocation. I tried therapy but found myself intellectualizing even the most profound  revelations. I’d invariably revert to the same old patterns. After working with Elyse on many levels, I started to notice a difference. I had broken through some barriers I had built and was able to open a path to my heart."

-- Jacob C.


"Elyse is intuitive and conscious of what it takes to balance and support your body in its natural process of becoming whole. She has helped me release childhood choices that kept me locked into negative thoughts about myself. The results have been wonderful."

-- Patricia K.


"My experience with Elyse has been nothing short of wonderful. It is so good to have found someone who can help me work through the years of blocks and deficiencies, really overhauling myself into health. Aided by the herbs and dietary changes Elyse recommended, I’ve felt such a difference.

I am not a fan of traditional Western doctors, and was thrilled  to be treated with herbs,  homeopathy, and simple home therapies when I showed up with sorely inflamed tonsils.  Elyse again came to my rescue when I stumbled through poison ivy.

I am so glad to have  found real health care, not just symptomatic cover-up care. I found Elyse  when I  finally decided that it was time to seek help and really heal."

-- Tristan R.


"I was looking for a practitioner which would bridge the gap between my allopathic doctor and some of the alternative practitioners. I thought maybe a naturopath could help. I was dealing with health problems, felt lousy, and was trying to avoid surgery.

I was very anxious when I met Elyse. She was very calm and supportive, and we decided it would be possible to bring about natural healing with a combination of homeopathic formulas, dietary and lifestyle changes. Elyse also recommended starting to do yoga to address the anxiety. I will admit that one of Elyse’s tasks has been to keep me calm.

I am impresses by Elyse’s kindness, patience, and attention I have been shown. While I am not yet completely healed, my health has significantly improved. And I believe I am now on the way to better health.

The benefit of a slow and natural recovery have included having to learn to slow down, teaching myself and making the commitment to eat well and live more joyfully. These changes will help me age gracefully- and I plan to live a long time! thank-you Elyse for helping me find the inner strength  to  change my life for the better."

-- Kelly M.


"Today is one of those days when the words :thank-you” seem so ordinary for offering gratitude for extra-ordinary gifts. When I first came to see Elyse, I came with a certain  amont of cynicism, since I have spent  so much time, energy, money and most of all trust on promises and sales jobs by other practitioners.

Very soon I came to realize that what Elyse does is different , genuine and sincere. Over many years, the empty promises led me to dis-trust most everyone and to lose hope that I wouls ever find a path to wellness. For me, the most important element of healing is  knowing someone is “really” there to support the process.

The compassion, caring and true knowledge that Elyse offers is a gift that only true “healers” posess. So once again, I offer my deep gratitude for what she is doing and I feel very fortunate to be a beneficiary of what she offers."

-- Henry F.


"I am a 45 year old woman and a mother of two boys. I had been having neck and back pain off and on for about a year and my menstrual cycles has been irregular for a few years.I thought it was time to become an active participant in my own health I wanted more energy, exercise without pain, and ease into my middle years and menopause gracefully.

I went to see Elyse in February  of 2006. I felt we had an immediate connection and she understood how I wanted to feel. She spoke to me frankly about pre-menopause symptoms and my monthly cycle. After a thorogh discussion, Elyse put me on a regimen of supplements and seeds that would help me regulate my cycle. We spoke about pain management and Active Isolated Stretching exercises to help relieve my neck and back pain.

Since March(its now June 06) I have been completely pain free and my cycle is back to normal for the first time in years! I have more energy and am able to exercise without pain. Elyse is always available to speak on the phone with any questions I have , which is such a welcome change in my relationship with a health care practitioner.

It is a relief to go someone who cares so much about who I am as a whoule person rather than a “quick fix”. Instead of dreading my mid-life and all that it includes as a woman,  I look forward to enjoying each day in good health."

-- Andrea R.


"I have been doing yoga and meditation for some years resulting in many benefits, but the one thing I needed to go that extra step was good nutrition. Elyse helped tremendously in this respect by recommending a good diet with the right suppliments. I feel much more equipped now in taking full charge of my health, and I am indepted to Elyse for her kind and skillful direction."

-- Joseph


"As a naturopath, I highly recommend Elyse. She has always been able to help me. He is thorough and extremely developed in her profession as a naturopath. When I have a problem, I go to her, and if I do exactly what she says to do, the problem is always healed. She knows what she is talking about!"

-- Mona


"I want you to know that since coming to see you with my digestive problems, not only were you the first person to diagnose it as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but you addressed it with military precision and I have never felt better for it. You have put my mind at rest and given me the health that everyone deserves and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I thoroughly recommend you to anyone seeking health and vitality with freedom from ailments that modern medicine is baffled by, but that you can address easily with your knowledge. You provide a very valuable service, and without you, I would still be in the throws of pain at meal times."

-- Caroline P.

"With Elyse's help, not only was I able to avoid surgery, but I have eliminated debilitating headaches and Premenstrual symptoms that I have had for years Most of my aches and pains have disappeared, and I have lowered my cholesterol. I feel better about myself than I have in years"

-- Wendy T.

"I suggst everyone look into naturopathy and the recommendations Elyse provides. She is very knowledgeable. What she preaches and makes you practice yields results! In today's society it's not a magic pill that will help remedy all physical ailments especially during a pregnancy it's practitioners like Elyse Tannenbaum that target the onset of ailments and help solve the problem through prevantive methods while recognizing our limitations. Furthermore Elyse's approach is progressive and reassures you that anything is possible to overcome. I will continue to work with her after the birth of my son."

--Doriana V.

"I had been diagnosed with Crohns' Disease quite a few years ago. I had used every medication and seen every doctor and specialist. Nothing was working, I was only deteriorating .

Finally I thought there had to be more and that is when I began choosing the 'Natural way.' I had seen several naturopaths through the years-all having different approaches. Some worked a little, some not at all, but it wasn't until I walked into Elyse's office that my true healing began.

I found her approach very professional: she was caring and encouraging. She aimed to get to the root of the problem and treating it from there-where it began. Slowly I got better, and better.

The specialist who tried to push medication on me was speechless and said "obviously you are doing the right thing" the proof is in the pudding."

I recommend Elyse very highly-she has helped me fight and beat a very debilitating disease."

-- Valerie K.

"Elyse's work is extraordinary- she is a very gentle, intuitive and loving person. She was able to help me recognize some chronic issues underlying my health, and put me on a self-empowering path to health and wellness. I am greatly beholden to her for the healing work she brings to the community."

-- Louise N.

"I wanted to formally thank you for all your help with getting my health back on track. I haven't felt this good in a long time and no longer suffer from debilitating low-level depression that had zapped my energy for a number of years. Your treatment plan is clearly what I needed. I enjoy life again!"

-- Paul C.

"Thanks to Elyse, I have been able to balance my hormones and feel more at peace with my body. The vitamins that Elyse has me on has increased my energy level, balanced my mood swings, and above all has helped me take control of my health through alternative medicine. I am grateful that there are alternatives in health care!"

-- Tina G.

"I have suffered severe migraine headaches for many years on a weekly basis. With Elyse's help, my migrane frequency has dropped dramatically and my energy level has soared. Under her compassionate care, I enjoy life much more."

--Jeanette D.