What types of therapies do I use?

In my practice I use nutrition, homeopathy, yoga  and various forms of massage and soft tissue pain therapies. Please see the services offered pages for more information about each of these modalities.

What conditions do I treat?

Naturopaths are trained as primary care providers. As such, they may be the first practitioner to see a patient for any given complaint. Some of the problems I have effectively treated include: 

Headaches Ulcers
Fatigue Allergies
Stress/Anxiety Skin conditions
Poor digestion/malabsorption Infections
Constipation Autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid  arthritis, lupus)
Acne Headaches
Menopausal symptoms Menstrual irregularities
Heavy metal detoxification High blood pressure
Endocrine imbalances( diabetes,     hyper/hypothyroidism) High cholesterol
Side effects form cancer medications Sinusitis
Depression Vaginitis
Infertility Weight concerns
Osteoporosis Pediatric health
Arthritis Colds and Flu
Digestive Disturbance  

Does insurance cover my services?

Please contact your insurance company to find out their specific policy, usually it is an 80/20% reimbursement, where you pay 20% of my consultation fees and the insurance company pays the remainder.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Your first appointment will last approximately one and one-half hours. During this time I will discuss your present complaints and part of your medical history.  After gathering all of this information I will work up a treatment plan and discuss my suggestions. At this time we will go over everything together and you will have ample time to ask questions. 

Are your therapies safe?

Most natural medicines rarely cause side effects. This does not mean they are entirely free from risk. I use therapies that are extremely safe and non-toxic. In addition, I am aware of the interactions that certain herbal medicines have with conventional drugs and will prescribe carefully and accordingly.