Elyse Tannenbaum, B.A., B.S.W., P.S.W.

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Elyse has a vast collection of experiences that truly qualify her as a provider of integrated healing. First trained as a Social Worker at the Montreal Neurological Hospital, Elyse counseled patients and their families in their adaptation and loss of cognitive function. It was here that Elyse’s interest in a holistic approach to healing and prevention deepened through working with people who were suffering neurological deficits. It was this experience that initiated her journey into the healing arts. She began applying holistic principles and introduced a number of stress management and relaxation techniques into her practice. A Registered Massage and Soft Tissue Pain Therapist, Reflexologist, and Certified Naturopath, Elyse synergizes all these practices to communicate with her clients on a deeper level. She creates a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment to help her clients achieve balance, harmony, full and vibrant health.

Elyse has been  devoted student of yoga and meditation for over 10 years  and decided to share her love of yoga by becoming a teacher . In 2000  she completed a  Hatha yoga teacher training and became a yoga Alliance 500 hours Registered teacher. (See www.yogaalliance.org.) She is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and hold certificates in Pre and  postnatal yoga,  as well as Radiant child’s Yoga.

To keep her teaching methods fresh, Elyse regularly participates in classes , workshops, and retreats as well as maintaining a daily practice. She continues to to explore and be inspired by the many aspects of yoga through workshops, seminares, and classes. She constantly takes additional courses to deepen her practice and teaching. In addition to teaching traditional Hatha Yoga, Elyse is a certified Pre and postnatal Yoga teacher, Infant Massage Instructor, and Pregnancy Massage Therapist. She deepened her work in the area of pregnancy by training as a doula to assist women during labor and the birthing process.

Having worked in the health field for over 10 years , Elyse views yoga as a logical extension of this work through which she arrived at the conviction that the integrity of humanity’s social and physical environment is inseparable from the mental and physical integrity of each individual. Her work allows her to address life’s challenges through a more holistic framework. Elyse believes everyone can use yoga as a tool to prevent illness and keep the body in good health.

Elyse is known for her soothing meditative voice and a teaching style that is focused and concise. She loves to give her signature touch at the end of class, leaving everyone feeling, longer, taller, stronger, relaxed and peaceful.

Her classes are dynamic and playful, challenging to the body and mind, and are infused with energy and care. They aim to bring out the natural energy of the body in union with the mind through a flowing series of postures to balance strength with flexibility. Beginning and ending with inward reflection, each student is invited to create their tailoring details to the class

Elyse's perspective on live reflects an ongoing commitment to helping people lead healthy balanced lives on a physical emotional and spiritual level. “ I enjoy guiding people to realize that it is not only the yoga postures that allow “Healing” to happen. It’s the spiritual awakening that occurs when every breath brings you close to your own heart. It is my intention to help people realize their incredible potential and to let themselves be open to possibility, both on and off the mat.”

A passionate world traveler,  Elyse has practiced yoga on the beaches of Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, Bali, and the Caribbean. “Yoga is the only thing that can be carried with me wherever I travel or whatever I do.”

In 2004, Bodyworks Yoga and Wellness Centre was established to provide high quality yoga, maintain balanced bodies and great health using safe, effective all natural drug free health care allowing people to reach their absolute potential. Elyse is the director of Bodyworks Yoga and wellness Centre where she practices exclusively.

By working with Elyse, you can create a strategy to effect change in all facets of your life:

Elyse is a member of l’Ordre professionel des travailleurs sociaux du Québec, National Association of naturopaths, Professional Association of Quebec Massotherapists, as well as the Yoga Alliance. She has witnessed the results of a holistic approach to health first hand. Elyse incorporates the following healing modalities into her practice: