“And then, I got pregnant, after our first try…I feel great!”

Whether you’re affected by PMS, having difficulty getting pregnant, experiencing post-partum depression,
polycystic ovaries, perimenopause or menopause
or any other problems caused by hormonal imbalance,
join me for a 1.5 day HYT + Nutrition workshop
- the only certified Hormone Yoga Therapy Instructor in Montreal -
to take back control and optimize your hormonal health.

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Friday October 25th 6-8pm & Saturday October 26th 9am-3:30pm

CAD179 +taxes Early Bird Price
CAD199 +taxes Regular price

(Insurance receipts available upon request)

Can’t make these dates? No problem! Private one-to-one sessions are also available.
Email me directly elyse@yogaplus.net to arrange the best time for you.

+ Includes 14 techniques to stimulate hormone production and reduce stress
+ an additional FREE 1 hour nutritional segment to balance hormones
+ plus essential hand-out for your continued at home practice
+ AND an invitation to join my HYT community for ongoing support.

No previous experience of yoga necessary.
See changes within 4-8 weeks when you practice four times a week for just 30 mins!

Want To Know More?

Get a taste of what my nutritional segment includes
by downloading my seed rotation infographic with instructions on how to naturally regulate your menstrual cycle here:

Email me for the download: elyse@yogaplus.net

Feel a difference in weeks

Dinah Rodrigues, Hormone Yoga Therapy

Dinah Rodrigues, a Brazilian Yoga Therapist developed HYT in the 1990s to help women reactivate hormone production to naturally fight against symptoms and prevent diseases caused by low hormones.

Now in her 90s, she’s a glowing testimony as to how effective HYT is when it comes to optimizing our hormonal health.

As a Yoga therapist with over 20 years of experience, I’m inspired by her mission. I became a qualified HYT instructor, certified by Dinah herself. I’m one of the very few instructors practicing in Canada.

"By following the 14 easy-to-learn postures four times a week during my perimenopause, I was able to harmonize my hormones the natural way in a matter of weeks. No hot flushes! I avoided all the side effects associated with conventional hormone replacement therapy."

- Elyse Tannenbaum

From Motherhood to Menopause, HYT energizes you to find your natural healthy rhythm.

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A new You

How does HYT work?

Hormone Yoga Therapy uses dynamic yoga poses (asana), specific breathing exercises (pranayama) and Tibetan energy techniques involving muscle contractions (bandhas) to massage the ovaries, thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary glands to stimulate hormone production.

HYT helps your body generate an optimal, balanced level of reproductive hormones.

Practicing HYT four times a week for just 30 mins can relieve:

Who Is HYT For?

• HYT provides a natural alternative to conventional hormone therapies
such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

• Women of all ages dealing with symptoms of low hormones such as ovarian cysts,
polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

• HYT is recommended for women from 35 years old, when the levels of progesterone and oestrogen
that our bodies naturally produce start to decrease.
HYT can work as a preventative therapy for diseases such as breast cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease.

• Women looking for a natural remedy to cope with early menopause, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopausal symptoms:
low libido, difficulty remembering and concentrating, night sweats, emotional instability and depression among others.

Feel empowered and excited for the next phase of your life.


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Please consult with your doctor before joining the HYT workshop if you are experiencing/have experienced any of the following:
Pregnancy, hormonal breast cancer, advanced endometriosis, advanced hyperthyroidism, large myomas, non-diagnosed abdominal pain,
stomach infection, advanced osteoporosis, heart disease, labyrinthitis, appendicitis after which the appendix was not removed,
or recently recovering from stomach or heart surgery, and any other recent surgeries.